David Haldane

David Haldane

David Haldane is a cartoonist and illustrator who has a national and international profile. His work featured regularly in Punch magazine (often on the cover) from 1978 until it’s close in 1992.

After writing for Spitting Image he continued to produce cartoons for several newspapers including the Guardian, Express, The Telegraph and The Mirror. He joined the Times as a daily pocket cartoonist in the late 1990s where he stayed for over twenty years. He still contributes to Private Eye and other satirical publications.

Davids new work is a cheerful look back into the recent past evoking memories of trips to the seaside, countryside and cinema. The images are created with a dipping pen and finished with brush using ink wash. They are deliberately bright and colourful, drawing on a fine tradition of illustrations reflecting British life.

David has travelled widely and has a particular interest in cityscapes. Although more traditional in style than his humorous works, these pen and ink pictures still display a lightness of touch documenting his visits to New York, London and Verona.

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